About Born By Giants™

Born By Giants™ is a record label dedicated to supporting and promoting Nordic folk, world music, and ancient song traditions while providing a platform for talented artists to share their unique sounds with the world.

Nordic folk is a genre of music characterized by its use of traditional instruments and melodies, often drawing inspiration from the cultural and historical traditions of Scandinavia, Iceland, and Finland, like the Icelandic sagas and various Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse literary sources.

World music encompasses a wide range of musical traditions from around the globe; the genre includes both traditional and contemporary styles.

The type of world music represented by Born By Giants™ focuses on the distinct sound of various indigenous peoples, tribes, and ancient civilizations, providing a glimpse into oft-forgotten cultures’ rich musical histories.

“Born By Giants™ was founded to showcase and promote unique and culturally significant folk music to a wider audience.”

Born By Giants™ has a roster of talented artists dedicated to preserving and promoting these genres. In addition, the label is committed to supporting and elevating each artist’s career, helping them reach a wider audience.

Born By Giants™ is constantly seeking novel and talented artists dedicated to Nordic folk and world music. Get in touch with us via the below email address.

For submissions, write [email protected].

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